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Executive Assessment (EA) Overview

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Study with 45+ instructional videos prepared by AnalystPrep’s top-scoring EA instructors. Our video lessons cut across all question types tested in the Executive Assessment Exam so that you can confidently tackle all test sections.

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Practice with 1000+ executive assessment questions to test your mastery of concepts and exam skills. AnalystPrep’s EA question bank contains high-quality questions that replicate the difficulty level of the real exam. On top of this, you have unlimited quizzes at your disposal with real-time scoring and detailed solutions.

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Reinforce what’s working and quickly fix what’s not with AnalystPrep’s performance tracking tools. Get access to a complete set of analytical tools that lets you compare your EA results with those of more than 20000 other users across the globe.

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Learn how to get your answers correct from an expert. Our EA instructors are always available to answer your questions whenever you get stuck.

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Our EA prep materials are available from as low as $79, with unlimited access to high-quality study resources for 12 months. Find your perfect EA package

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Access high-quality EA study resources from any device and study in your comfort. Our executive assessment course is best suited for everyone. Whether you want to study part-time or full-time, you can always access our study materials whenever you want.

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Know What to Expect in Your Executive Assessment Before Taking the Test

AnalystPrep’s study resources cover all the test sections of the Executive Assessment for adequate exam preparation. Since the Executive Assessment is mainly designed for busy professionals juggling work and family, our test materials are more streamlined, organized, and exhaustive to ensure you maximize your study time.

EA Integrative Reasoning

12 Questions

30 Minutes

0 – 20 Possible Points

This section tests your data interpretation skills on graphs, pie charts, & tables. Work with multiple-choice practice questions by AnalystPrep that replicate what you expect in the actual test.

EA Verbal Reasoning

14 Questions

30 Minutes

0-20 Possible Points

The EA verbal reasoning section tests your critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction skills. All our EA prep course materials touch on these sections with exam-style executive assessment sample questions with varying difficulty levels. 

EA Quantitative Reasoning

14 Questions

30 Minutes

0-20 Possible Points

This section tests a candidate’s ability to use algebra and arithmetic to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions. AnalystPrep’s executive assessment test prep resources feature high-quality math problems that match the exam difficulty you expect in the quantitative reasoning section to get you ready for the real thing. 

What is the Executive Assessment?
The Executive Assessment test (EA) is a standardized entrance exam for working professionals pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program. The test takes 90 minutes and includes verbal, quantitative, and integrated reasoning. You can take the test online or in a test center, depending on your convenience. This test examines high-level reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
How long will it take me to complete the EA course?
Most successful candidates study for approximately 200+ hours before taking the EA exam. Usually, the 200 hours are spread across several weeks for maximum practice before the actual exam. To make your study time count, avoid last-minute cramming and study bit by bit every day.
What does the executive assessment exam cost?
The EA exam cost is about $350 and is subject to change without notice. Therefore, keep checking for updated rates occasionally. Other costs that you may incur include: Appointment Reschedule Fees: Up to 24 hours before your appointment: NO FEE Reschedule appointment by phone: US$10 Appointment Cancellation Fees: Up to 24 hours before your appointment: US$100** Cancel appointment by phone: US$10 If you submit a cancellation request less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, you'll forfeit your entire registration fee of $350.
How do I check my executive assessment scores?
To access your executive assessment scores, you need to contact the Executive Assessment administrator on your Admissions team and ask them to give you login access. In case you need to know who is your current administrator, you can reach out directly to at for assistance.
What are the executive assessment requirements?
There's no minimum education requirement to take the EA test. However, you should have at least eight years of professional work experience to enroll for the Executive Assessment exam.
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Because of Stefan’s help, I went from a score in the 46 percentile to 98 percentile! He also taught me a lot about key elements of language, reading, and logic. A true master in his craft. Besides his practical teaching methods, he was able to guide me at my level, connect the dots for me, and bring my logic higher. When I did my questions on the exam, I put on the Stefan mindset hat and questions was easier. Like how a good journalist can smell something is off.

Lena W.

I had a great experience working with Stefan! He helped me prepare for the Executive Assessment test. My score led to acceptance into the top EMBA program! I’m am not a math whiz… His approach was disciplined and fun!

Amy P.

Stefan helped me to push on the quantitative and verbal skills week in and week out. I really felt like I was progressing with my learning, getting confident, and pushing myself forward in the process. I went from zero to hero in only a few months and was able to hit a score on the EA that led to be accepted on a Top European Business School. A 5-star service all around.

Pedro D.